“Last Prayer” by Brian Doyle

Last Prayer Dear Coherent Mercy: thanks. Best life ever. Personally, I never thought a cool woman would come close to understanding me, let alone understanding me but liking me anyway, but that happened! And You and I both remember that doctor in Boston saying polite but businesslike that we would not have children but then … Continue reading “Last Prayer” by Brian Doyle


“Practice” by William Stafford

When you stop off at rehearsal you can stumble and still be forgiven.  Your shadow practices.  A light says, "Good, good," where the piano meditates with its wide grin, maintaining order as usual but already trembling for time to go again. Outside the hall a monstrous Oregon night moans with its river of wind.  It stumbles. … Continue reading “Practice” by William Stafford

Dinner at Mizuna and ‘Lunch at Nablus City Park’

When I flip through my mental catalogue of most poignant days, moments, scenes...there are few that come to mind as quickly as one particular evening with Naomi Nye and a handful of other amazing people. Being one senior in a fairly sparse sampling of "creative writing" majors, I was fortunate enough to be invited to … Continue reading Dinner at Mizuna and ‘Lunch at Nablus City Park’