“Oct. 18 New York City” By Samuel Green

On the subway the old Polish man takes me in charge, rides two stops past his own to make certain I find the right place to get off. When I try to thank him, he shakes his head no, forget it. No one, he says, should be lost when someone else knows the way.


“Last Prayer” by Brian Doyle

Last Prayer Dear Coherent Mercy: thanks. Best life ever. Personally, I never thought a cool woman would come close to understanding me, let alone understanding me but liking me anyway, but that happened! And You and I both remember that doctor in Boston saying polite but businesslike that we would not have children but then … Continue reading “Last Prayer” by Brian Doyle

“Practice” by William Stafford

When you stop off at rehearsal you can stumble and still be forgiven.  Your shadow practices.  A light says, "Good, good," where the piano meditates with its wide grin, maintaining order as usual but already trembling for time to go again. Outside the hall a monstrous Oregon night moans with its river of wind.  It stumbles. … Continue reading “Practice” by William Stafford

Dinner at Mizuna and ‘Lunch at Nablus City Park’

When I flip through my mental catalogue of most poignant days, moments, scenes...there are few that come to mind as quickly as one particular evening with Naomi Nye and a handful of other amazing people. Being one senior in a fairly sparse sampling of "creative writing" majors, I was fortunate enough to be invited to … Continue reading Dinner at Mizuna and ‘Lunch at Nablus City Park’